CabCab (a.k.a Cabernet Cabaret) concert series is back! Chicagoland's original superstar showcase. Join us for an evening under the stars at Arranmore Farm + Polo Club. 

CabCab events are B.Y.O.P (Bring Your Own Party!) We encourage you to bring tables, chairs, blankets, food/beverage including alcohol for those 21 and over. ID required. Because CabCab is our "party for the people", all kids under 13 attend these events for free. No ticket required. 

Group tickets and party planning available. 

CabCab: Rhythm Nation

We DARE YOU to try to keep your feet from moving, from the very first tune in this show! It's nearly impossible to not "Feel the Beat of the Rhythm of the Night" under the stars at Arranmore Farm + Polo Club. "The Ryhthm is Gonna Get You". Not in a bad way. Promise.                                                           

CabCab: I Love Rock-N-Roll Vol. III, "The Final Countdown" 

Finishing out the Rock-n-Roll trilogy of the past three seasons, we give you the most EPIC rock songs of all time. Let the head banging commence in 3...2...1... Cue the pyrotechnics!

CabCab: Forever Young

Who doesn't feel like a kid, entering the magical, expansive lawns on these magical nights? For the last show of the season, we'll celebrate the spirit of being young and young at heart, with a great variety of tunes to keep you dancing and feeling all the good feels.


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