We realized there was an opportunity to share the unique Arranmore experience with the community and beyond. For sixteen years, Arranmore Farm + Polo Club existed exclusively as a private family-owned and operated farm. Since opening our gates to the public for our signature CabCab concert series in 2011, we have grown to offer polo and other outdoor events that attract thousands of attendees every season. We also aim to form positive and strategic partnerships with companies and organizations with like-minded goals. Community involvement is an important part of our mission. A portion of our seasonal profits will go to Arranmore's not-for-profit, ArranmoreArts, which provides unique performances and artistic educational experiences for the youth in our community. 

The name Arranmore (árainn mhór) comes from the island Arranmore five miles off the coast of County Donegal, Ireland. Shannon Greene's family lineage, on her mother's side originated from there and relatives still live there today. It's a land where time slows down and life becomes simpler. Neighbors are family. And community is king. 

On Arranmore, there is a discernible sense of a love of life and a keen appreciation for family celebration. The community's fierce price of heritage and a sparkling sense of wit and humor and a true love for music are all the qualities passed down through the generations of families of Arranmore. This is what it means to "Beo Spreag" or "Live Inspired."

You could say that inspiration comes naturally to the people of Arranmore. Stripped away of mainstream distractions and enlightened by tradition and heritage, their unique character is able to develop and thrive. 

It is this ideology that inspires Shannon and the entire Greene family, and one they have embraced wholeheartedly and hold close to their hearts. And now, it's one that they share with their own community. 



Each summer season, Arranmore hosts players from all over the world, who are attracted by a shared passion for the sport and the clubs world-renowned Polo fields.

Arranmore is excited to continue a partnership with Chicagoland polo clubs resulting in Chicago Polo, a new initiative to expand and revitalize the historic Chicago Polo tradition.