ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB reserves the right to terminate use of the Farm / Polo grounds to any organization or individual that violates the following policies and procedures. By submitting payment to ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB you are accepting the Event Rules, Regulations & Release:

  1. PAYMENTS: A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to book and hold a date. The remainder of the rental fee is due 6 months prior to the event date and add on items (I.e. linens) are due one week prior to the event date. No booking will be deemed complete, nor a date reserved, until the deposit is received.

  2. TENTING: All Lessees must work with Blue Peak Tents for a tent if a tent is to be used.

  3. VENDORS: Client is welcome to select its’ vendors, including the caterer, for their additional event needs, subject to the approval of ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC / ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB. Client must provide ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC with all vendors’ contact information.

  4. ARRANMORE COORDINATION: An on-stie Arranmore Venue Coordinator will be present at all events. Additional staff will be available if required. Client will recieve assistance with the following — vendor / event timeline, onsite vendor walk through (8 weeks prior to event), vendors connections, layout of event, set-up and take down and budget guidance.

  5. REHEARSAL: Event rehearsals may be performed on the day before the event. Rehearsals must end no later than 8:00 p.m. Other rehearsals dates requested are available depending on availability.

  6. DAY OF: Access of the venue begins at 6:00 a.m. and ends no later than 12 a.m. the day of the event.

    In addition to the areas of the property that will be identified by ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC event coordinator and mutually agreed upon by the parties at a later date, ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC agrees to provide Client with access to the on-site farmhouse / Clubhouse prior to the Event. Client understands that the capacity of the Farmhouse / Clubhouse is limited and agrees to limit the number of guests accessing these structures that time.

  7. CITY CURFEW: Events must end no later than 11:45 p.m. All guest must exit the venue by 12 a.m. Receptions / Events where alcohol is being served may not exceed more than a 6 hour limit of the time guests enter and leave the premises.

  8. SMOKING: Smoking is prohibited inside any structure on the farm. Smoking is allowed outside.

  9. FIRE: No pyrotechnics may be used on the farm grounds, including bonfires or Sky Lanterns. Candles and sparklers are permitted.

  10. PARKING: Vehicles that enter the reception and ceremony locations must abide by ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC parking staff directions. Vehicles driving off of the intended route causing damage to the property will be charged a fee for repairs. No cars may be left onsite overnight. However, if a situation arrives where an attendee is unable to operate vehicle, an Arranmore Staff member must be notified. Any vehicles left on the property will need to be retrieved the following day by 10 A.M. Any cars left beyond that time may be subject to towing, at the owner’s expense.

  11. DECOR: Fake flowers and/or other non biodegradable materials may not be spread on the grass in the reception or ceremony locations.

  12. STRUCTURES: No permanent features of the farm may be changed by any renting party. No decorations will be supported by nails, tacks or screws on walls or woodwork without approval of ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB .

  13. INSPECTIONS / PERMITS: To protect parties involved, equipment and facilities will be inspected before and after each event. Tent Inspections are required by Kendall County though the Village of Oswego Building + Zoning Department. These inspections take place at least 24 hours prior to the Event. Local area fire and police departments will also be notified in case of an emergency.

  14. INJURY: The Lessee shall be liable for all damage to the building and equipment and agrees, to indemnify and hold ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB from any claims and suits arising out of injury or death to any person or damage to property resulting from use of the farm, including the providing of alcohol to Lessee’s guest.

  15. CONDUCT: Lessee shall assume full responsibility for the character, acts and conduct of all persons admitted to the farm grounds during the term of the rental contract.  If a violation occurs and is not immediately corrected ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB will terminate the event and no refund will be provided.

  16. DAMAGES: Should any rules be violated, items or venue property be damaged, charges for each violation/damage will be billed to Lessee.

  17. MINORS: Children must be supervised at all times while they are on the farm / polo grounds.  Children / minors are not permitted to be near the pond or animals on the property without an adult present.

  18. WEATHER: Events are rain and shine. Designated farm buildings may be used in the event of severe inclement weather for indoor shelter as needed. No refunds of any kind will be given if weather conditions are deemed unsuitable including the flooding. Client agrees that this is a “rain or shine event” and will proceed regardless of weather.
    For the safety of all involved, should hazardous weather occur, including but not limited to a tornado, high winds or severe thunderstorm, the property owner/operator reserves the right to mandate the evacuation of tent structures, instruct guests to take shelter, stop alcoholic beverage dispensation and/or require bands, musicians or DJs to switch to acoustic entertainment, adjust volume or terminate music entirely until hazardous weather is deemed no longer a threat. In the event that hazardous weather requires the evacuation of the property for the safety of the guests, guests will be shuttled to their vehicles and required to vacate the premises. Depending on the severity of the weather, this evacuation may terminate the event. 

  19. UNLAWFUL ACTIONS: The farm shall not be used for any unlawful activity or any activity, which may be disruptive, divisive, unlawful or demeaning to the community.

  20. USAGE: The use of the farm / polo grounds shall be restricted to purposes, which offer community benefits and family events. Community events shall include concerts, banquets, arts & crafts shows, antique shows, product demonstrations, business meetings, training classes, seminars and other deemed appropriate. Family events shall include wedding receptions, birthday celebrations, anniversary celebrations, wedding & baby showers, family reunions, class reunions and other deemed appropriate.

  21. RIGHT TO REFUSE: ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB  reserves the right to refuse rental of the property to any person, group or organization that has in the past, violated or has shown a disregard for persons or property or who in the opinion of the Lessor did not conduct themselves in a peaceable and appropriate manner.

  22. CANCELLATION: If for any reason you find it necessary to cancel event as outlined in this contract, you will pay us, as liquidated damages and not as a penalty, an amount determined as follows:
    All deposits payments made towards your land rental fee are non-refundable. 
    If your event is canceled more than six months prior to the event date, you will not be liable for any additional payments. You will, however, forfeit your initial deposit. If your event is cancelled between 180 and 90 days from your event date, you are liable to pay a $1,000 cancellation fee. If your event is cancelled 90 days or sooner from the event date, you are liable to pay the remaining balance of your venue rental fee.

  23. ATTORNEY FEES: In the event it is necessary to bring any action or claim to enforce this Agreement or the rights granted hereunder, in addition to all other relief, the Client shall pay all costs and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees. Any action under this Agreement shall be in the Circuit Court of Kendall County, Illinois.


  1. Due to licensing requirements and quality control issues, all food and beverage to be served on the property must be supplied and prepared by a licensed caterer. Client understands that all of these additional services will be billed separately from services provide by Arranmore Events and Arranmore Farm & Polo Club.

  2. Caterers must provide proof of $1,000,000 general liability insurance which should name ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC/ Arranmore Farm & Polo Club LLC, Arranmore Center for the Arts d/b/a ArranmoreArts, Chicago Title Trust Company Trust #1105081 and #1097899 together with their respective parents, affiliates, subsidiaries, licensees, owners, officers, directors, agents, members, beneficiaries and the successors, assigns and heirs of each (collectively the "insureds") as additional insureds

  3. The only alcoholic beverages permitted on farm / polo grounds (including the parking lot and all land owned by ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB ) are supplied and served by a certified catering business. No sale of alcohol is permitted. The company providing the beverage services must submit proof of liquor liability insurance and may be required to obtain additional insurance which must be provided before the date of the event.  Alcohol is never to served to anyone under the age of 21. It is also your responsibility to ensure that no one leaves in a condition that could be considered to be under the influence or feeling the effects of alcohol.

  4. If food is to be served, the name of the caterer will be provided to ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB. All catering business will need to be approved and provide proof of appropriate license/s. Renters may bring in any food or non-alcoholic drinks themselves, if caterers are not desired.

  5. The specific use of the farm grounds facility, beverages and items to be served must be approved by ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB.

  6. The renter is responsible for all actions of the caterer and should inform the caterer of rules and regulations concerning the use of the farm / polo grounds.

  7. We reserve the right to ask guests to leave or to stop being served alcohol, if they are being destructive or disorderly.

  8. Glassware is permitted ONLY during the dinner service portion of an event. Disposable or biodegradable items such as - durable plastic, paper, metals (I.e. Moscow mule or metal) are required to be used by a catering/beverage company for cocktail hour and receptions.


For and in consideration of the lease and use of ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB the Responsible Party does hereby for himself/herself, her/her guests and invitees, hereby acknowledge being of unlawful age, for myself/ourselves, my/our heirs, administrators, Executors, successors and assigns, guests and invitees, hereby fully and forever release, acquit and discharge the said ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB, its members and employees and all other persons, firms and corporations, and their heirs, Administrators, Executors, successors and assigns from any and all actions, causes of action, claim and demands of whatsoever kind or nature on account of any and all known and unknown injuries, losses and damages by me/us or my/our property, our guests and invitees, as a result of and directly or indirectly arising out of the use/lease/rental of ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB premises located at 34 Rance, Rd. Oswego, Illinois 60543.

It is expressly understood and agreed that this release is intended to cover and does cover not only all now known injuries, losses and damage but any future injuries, losses and damages not now known or anticipated but which may later develop or be discovered, including all the effects and consequences thereof arising from the lease/rental of ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB premises.

And I/We hereby declare that I/We fully understand the terms of this Release.

It is agreed and understood that the Responsible Party hereby expressly stipulate and agree, in consideration of the aforesaid opportunity to use/lease/occupy and rent ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB property to fully indemnify and hold harmless the said ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB, its members, staff and employees, against loss from any claims, demands or actions that may hereafter at any time be made or brought against ARRANMORE EVENTS, LLC & ARRANMORE FARM + POLO CLUB, its members, staff and employees, by anyone or any company or supplier, on account of any injuries, accidents, property, damage, wrongful death or any other claim that arises directly or indirectly from the use/lease/rent or occupancy of the premises.

By accepting the terms of this Release:

I/We understand that the parties hereby released accept no liability of any sort by reason of said lease/rent/use and occupancy of the premises.

I/We declare that the terms of this lease/rental/use agreement have been completely read and are fully understood and are voluntarily accepted.

This lease/rental/use occupancy agreement and Release With Indemnity Agreement contains the entire agreement between the parties hereto and the terms of this document are contractual in nature and not a mere recital.  We further state that we have carefully read the foregoing Release With Indemnity Agreement and the contents thereof and we agree the same as our own free act.